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Graphic San Giovenale Triptych, 1422, panel, Church of San Pietro at Cascia, Florence. 119KB

Graphic Portrait of a Young Man, 1423-25, wood, Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Boston. 109KB

Graphic Madonna and Child with St. Anne (Painted with Masolino), panel, Uffizi, Florence, 124KB

Graphic The Holy Trinity with The Virgin and St. John, 1425, Santa Maria Novella, Florence. 137KB

Graphic The Virgin and Child, 1426, National Gallery, London. 139KB

Graphic Crucifixion, approx. 1426, Museo di Capodimonte, Naples. 132KB

Graphic St. Paul, approx. 1426, Museo di San Matteo, Pisa. 118KB

Graphic St. Andrew, approx. 1426, J. Paul Getty Museum, Malibu. 117KB

Graphic The Tribute Money, detail, 1426-27, fresco, Brancacci Chapel, Florence. 139KB

Graphic Baptism of the Neophytes, 1426-27, fresco, Brancacci Chapel, Florence. 131KB

Graphic Raising the Son of Theophilus (Later finished by Filippino Lippi), fresco, Brancacci Chapel, Florence. 131KB

Graphic Adam and Eve Expelled from Paradise, 1427. 123KB

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